Perpetual Dreamers & One Hit Wonders


   I have a friend, let’s call him Bob. Bob is a mechanic, he’s a good ole’ boy, and he’s very good with his hands. Bob knows cars and man can he fix them. Bob is also a business owner, he owns his own garage in my local town.

   Now Bob has no logo, no website, no social media – not even a Facebook page. He has no online presence at all. He has virtually no marketing presence. Bob has one sign, on the little side road off the main road that his garage is on, that says ‘Bob’s Garage’. He stays busy by working on friend’s cars, and through word of mouth about his services he’ll sometimes get a friend of a friend as a new customer. Bob has had the same shop, in the same location, same size, with (roughly) the same amount of employees and a small, but steady stream of business for quite some time. Bob is living the American dream, he’s got his own kingdom with his family business and that’s all Bob wants – trust me, I’ve asked him.

   Bob is an entrepreneur. Bob is one of two main groups of entrepreneurs who essentially are the backbone of America. Bob is apart of the group I like to call ‘One Hit Wonders.’ These are people who have a dream to work for themselves. They save their money, they start a business, but then they stop there. They lack the desire or motivation to dream past their initial vision. They cut themselves short of what they really could achieve. They are already more ambitious than a majority of people in this world, and they have braved the storm that is starting a small business – but that’s where they stop.

   The second group, like the first group, have a dream to work for themselves. Just like the first, they take the plunge into entrepreneurship and strike out for themselves. Where the second group varies from the ‘One Hit Wonders’ is the next step. They get to the top of their mountain, and what do they see? They see another mountain to be climbed, way off in the distance. It excites them, it invigorates them, the thrill of building, the chance to do something great. While others around them may mock them, or put down their constant forward thinking, they always see a bigger giant to slay in front of them. I call this group, “The Perpetual Dreamers.” These people, whether continually growing their one business, or starting many, constantly keep building on their success.

What some may not realize is that without Perpetual Dreamers we would not have light or electricity from PD’s like Nikolai Tesla & Thomas Edison. No cars without Henry Ford. No planes without the Wright Brothers. No computers without Steve Jobs or Bill Gates (it’s in that order intentionally). Without the Perpetual Dreamers of the world we would have no great music, (except of course from the other One Hit Wonders) no technology, no America without the slew of Perpetual Dreams like Christopher Columbus and other explorers. We wouldn’t have the Freedom & Structure of America without the Perpetual Dreamers like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, or Franklin. Everything we know, everything that we have, we have because of the Perpetual Dreamers throughout history.

Success one time is great. People fear the risks, but just starting a business is a risk.  Don’t limit your dreams, play them out, take the risks, and you will reap the rewards. You can make that dream a reality, and we can help. Contact us at ThunderstruckMG if you want to be a Perpetual Dreamer and push your vision to the next step. We can help you better brand your business so you can make your business known. We can help you launch an advertising campaign to push your products and services to another level in your market. We can make you a beacon on the internet for those you want to reach with our Search Engine Optimization Algorithms. With social media, your customers can get direct customer service and instant updates on your products, and you can have happy clients – and many of them. Let’s leave the One Hit Wonders behind, and follow our dreams to their fullest potential.