In A Rut

So you’re driving down this road. You hit an ice patch and slip and slide into a ditch. You start to pull out by accelerating, mid acceleration you hit a point where you can’t seem to go forwards or backwards.

This is called a rut. Many of you are in one right now. Whether you are a business owner marketing yourself, an amateur marketing or media person working for yourself or a professional in a fully-dedicated department, many many many of you are in these things called ruts.


How do I know this, you ask? Well for one thing, a good portion of you create things that look alike, no matter what you do. Everyone can fall into a rut of course, even I have been at one point or another. I’ll watch companies go years and never change any advertising strategies, never change the look of any signs and never change the style of how they present themselves. If you live on planet earth, you probably know by now that the public’s interests change – so your persona must change with it. The fact is, everyone falls into a rut – but if you don’t realize you’re there, you’ll stay there for a very long time.

WAKE UP CALL! YOU’RE IN A RUT! So what are you reading? What are you watching? What are you drawing inspiration from? WHO are you drawing inspiration from? There’s a million different sources out there, and if you don’t wander out of your small bubble of influences neither will your designs.

Another great way to get out of rut – contact us. Sorry, shameless self-promotion, but the fact exists, you need out of that rut, whether by calling us (recommended) or someone else – just for pete’s sake, don’t stay there

Visit For More Info Or To Contact Us To Help.


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